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toojan global Company Overview

Toojan Global Trad. & Cont. is an independent organization that provides clients and business the outsourcing services of materials, equipment and accessories and offers a range of manpower capabilities to assist companies in their activities.

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In parallel, Toojan Global Trad. & Cont. has a training center to assist clients in promoting their staff and employees capabilities and potentials.
Toojan Global Trad. & Cont. work team understands that each client's needs are unique. We work closely with our customers to identify key requirements and opportunities - building long-term business relationships, establishing effective growth strategies and providing the right mix of products and services to support their objectives.

Toojan Global trad. & cont. Talented and dedicated employees who have worked worldwide and got international experience offer customers the benefit of a global perspective backed by local industry expertise.
No matter how complex our clients needs , at Toojnan Global trad. & cont., we are committed to providing the best products, substitutions and services that satisfy or even go beyond their needs.

We are confident to satisfy clients diverse needs and requirement.

Statement of Intent
"Do it right the first time."
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